2014 Journey Delighted 1st Stop & 2nd Stop 可遊之樂第一站及第二站

2014 (1st Stop)

Journey Delighted, Works by Teacher and Students, Chinese Painting Workshop,

New Asia College, CUHK - The Hui Gallery, CUHK

《可遊之樂》第一站, 香港中文大學新亞書院教職員聯誼會中國水墨畫班師生作品展


2015 (2nd Stop)

Journey Delighted, works by teacher and students, Chinese Painting workshop,

New Asia College, CUHK -

Hong Kong Visual Art Centre, 7A Kennedy Road, Central, Hong Kong

《可遊之樂》第二站, 香港中文大學新亞書院教職員聯誼會中國水墨畫班師生作品展