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Exhibition - <Love Message> 「愛之言葉」

Joint exhibition by Hiromi Fujiwara, Emily Law & Elizabeth Pang.

Jan 26 - Feb 26, 2023 10:00 to 18:00 Daily

At 度 Beyond Coffee & Barr

Shop 8, G/F, 21, Yiu Wah St., Causeway., Hong Kong

香港銅鑼灣 耀華街21號地下8號舖

“Love Message” Exhibition

The theme of this joint exhibition is Love because there are three festivals during the exhibition: Chinese New Year, Chinese and Western Valentine’s Day, Artists Elizabeth, Emily & Hiromi paint flowers, animals and abstract concept to express their inner feelings in this festive atmosphere.

Elizabeth always wanted to create paintings of flowers with a natural scent. The new series "Tree Ring Flowers" are made from Bosnian Spruce - the flowers have a unique smell from the resins of such Spruce!

Emily Law expresses her love message through her realistic and abstract series created with ink and acrylic plus mixed media on paper and wood board.

Hiromi expresses her inner emotion and idea for love with color, shape, line at same time would like to perceive beyond intangible love feeling.


是藝術家彭靜君聯同羅肇婷及藤原弘美在Beyond Coffee 展開一個以愛為主題的展覽,因適逢展覽期內有農歷新年, 中國元宵節及西方情人節, 所以她們以寫花, 動物及抽象概念來表達慶節氣氛和愛意。

彭靜君一直以來寫花的時候, 都想創作出帶香氣的作品,在新系列【樹輪花】是採用波斯尼亞雲杉樹造成的,這些作品散發著淡淡清幽的雲杉樹脂味,獨一無二。





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