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Background and Concept of Five Elements and Four Seasons

In the hot summer of 2022, with many Very Hot Weather warnings issued and July becoming the hottest month on record, I felt deeply the impermanence of nature during that time. This inspired me to create a series of artworks about nature's power. The two series "Five Elements Colors" and "Four Seasons" used Chinese painting pigments, ink and mixed media.  These artworks aim to express awe and appreciation for the power of nature through art. I hope that viewers can experience the philosophy of the Five Elements and the beauty of the natural cycle, and contemplate the relationship between humans and nature. These artworks will guide viewers into a spiritual space of harmonious coexistence with nature.

Five Elements 

The "Five Elements Colors" serial, a set of five pieces, using the original five colors of Chinese painting - blue, red, yellow, white and black. These pigments come from minerals, plants and animals. The concept comes from China's ancient theory of “Five Elements”. Each element corresponds to a certain color - gold (white), wood (green), water (black), fire (red), earth (yellow). These artworks convey the relationships of mutual generation and restraint between the five elements through color. 

A set of 5, 40x50cm each

Black & white ink, Chinese painting pigments, mixed media on linen

-       To meet and part (Gold and Water)

-       Layer of yellow soil (Earth)

-       Coastal (Earth) 

-       Flame (Fire)

-       Night forest (Wood)


Four Seasons

The "Four Seasons" serial, a set of four pieces, uses different colors to depict the changes in the four seasons. Based on how the five elements produce and overpower each other, the seasons follow spring, summer, autumn, winter, then spring again. The four artworks are presented in horizontal and vertical formats, showcasing the central theme of the growth of flower buds and the falling of leaves to depict the ongoing cycle of nature's mysteries.

A set of 4, 30x30cm each

Ink, Chinese painting pigments, mixed media on plywood board

-     Spring

-      Summer

-     Autumn

-      Winter





「五行色彩系列」,一組四件畫作,採用中國畫傳統的原始五色,青、赤、黃、白、黑呈現。這些顏料源於礦物、植物和動物。「五行色彩」概念源自中國古代的「五行說」理論。根據五行概念,天地萬物皆可分為五行 - 金、木、水、火、土。每種五行都對應特定的色彩。金(白) 、木(青) 、水(黑) 、火(赤) 、土(黃)。作品以色彩傳達五行間的互相生剋關係。

一組5件, 各40x50厘米


-     聚散 (金 / 水) 

-     黃土層 (土)

-     海岸 (土)

-     紅焰 (火)

-     夜森林  (木)



一組4件, 各 30x30厘米


-     春

-     夏

-     秋

-     冬


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