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Emily Law (ST Emilyart)


I am Emily Law, a multi-media artist in Hong Kong. I graduated from the Degree of Engineering from the City University of Hong Kong and later completed the Advanced Diploma in Western Art from (CUSCS), The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I have taken painting class under Ms. Pau Mo Ching. Recently, I am apprenticing under Dr. Chui Pui Chee and Mr. Foo Sai Heng. I planned & participated in a number of group and solo exhibitions. Emily's artworks had exhibited at local galleries and world cities including Seoul, Osaka, Venice and Roma etc.

I am the secretary and one of the co-founder of the charity art group "Serendipity" formed in 2015 in Hong Kong .


羅肇婷   「聿亭」



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Whatapp: +852 98365909

exhibition / award /

Art Fairs

2023 Malaysia International Online Juried Art Competition

        'Still Life & Floral' the Top 80 Artists Award

2023 Love Message 愛言葉三人展

2022 The Elements , Solo Exhibition  天地間個人展

2022 Rome International Art Fair 2022

2022 The ANIMA MUNDI 2022 – VISIONS, ITSLIQUID Int. Art Fair, Venice

2022 Be 40 Mixed-Media Exhibition by the Fringe Club


2022 Asia Invitation Art Exhibition in Seoul 2022 by Korea Culture Art

          Research Institute, Korea 韓國亞細亞美術招待展

2021 Korea/China/Japan Culture Cooperation Art Festival


2021 Beyond / Behind exhibition by the Innovative Arts Media

        Association (IAMA) 創新媒體藝術協會年展2021

2021 Art Next Expo  第四屆新藝潮博藝會

2021 Heart to Heart Exhibition 對話慈善書畫展

2020 +VE-VE by Art Next  新藝潮畫展

2020 I am an Artist, Exhibition by (IAMA)

2019 Garden of the Artisans 藝術節 2019,

2019 Artist of Art Next Expo  第三屆新藝潮博覽會 

2019 AVA Art Festival - International Art Exhibition, Osaka,            Japan - Enokojima Art, Cultural & Creative Center by

       Arte Vida Arte Association, Finland 

           日本大阪江之島文化藝術節中心 – 芬蘭AVA 國際藝術節展

2019 Straight from the Heart 水墨存情中國書畫篆刻展 

2018  Dimension Duplicity - Amy Ng and Emily Law 

2017 Sai Kung District Music, Art & Cultural Festival  


2017  Solo, Happy Flower, Happy Dance  漾花起舞個人展

2016 Cats & Dogs, Emily & Kathy 

2016 Heart's Delights  賞心樂事慈善書畫展

2014-2015 Journey Delighted  可遊之樂 作品展

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