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Emily Law (ST Emilyart)

This is Emily Law, I am multi-media artist from Hong Kong. I graduated from the Degree of Engineering and later completed the Advanced Diploma of fine art. I have taken painting class and apprenticed under Chinese painting and calligraphy masters, Ms. Pau Mo Ching Dr. Chui Pui Chee and Mr. Foo Sai Heng. I love to use different media and forms for my creation, such as oil painting, acrylic, pastel, watercolor and Chinese ink painting and so on. I have trained both in western and Chinese art. My cultural knowledge depicts feelings through my artwork to present in combination with realistic and abstract concepts.


I am a co-founder of the charity art group "Serendipity" formed in 2015 in Hong Kong and now the secretary of the association. My artworks had exhibited at local galleries and world cities including Seoul, Osaka, Venice and Roma etc.


羅肇婷   「聿亭」



2023    "The Flow" Art Exhibition for Charity by Serendipity


2023    Malaysia International Online Juried Art Competition 'Still Life & Floral' 

           the Top 80 Artists Award


2023    Love Message


2022    The Elements , Solo Exhibition 


2022    Rome International Art Fair 2022

2022    The ANIMA MUNDI 2022 – VISIONS, ITSLIQUID Int. Art Fair, Venice

2022    Be 40 Mixed-Media Exhibition by the Fringe Club 


2022    Asia Invitation Art Exhibition in Seoul 2022 by Korea Culture Art Research Institute, Seoul, Korea 


2021    Korea/China/Japan Culture Cooperation Art Festival, Seoul, Korea


2021    Beyond / Behind exhibition by the Innovative Arts Media Association (IAMA)


2021   Art Next Expo 


2021   "Heart to Heart" Art Exhibition for Charity by Serendipity


2020   +VE-VE by Art Next 


2020   I am an Artist, Exhibition by (IAMA)

2019   Garden of the Artisans 藝術節 2019,

2019   Artist of Art Next Expo 


2019   AVA Art Festival - International Art Exhibition,Osaka,Japan - Enokojima Art,            Cultural & Creative Center by Arte Vida Arte Association, Finland 

              日本大阪江之島文化藝術節中心 – 芬蘭AVA 國際藝術節展

2019   "Straight from the Heart" Art Exhibition for Charity by Serendipity 


2018   Dimension Duplicity - Amy Ng and Emily Law 

2017   Sai Kung District Music, Art & Cultural Festival  


2017   Solo, Happy Flower, Happy Dance 


2016   Cats & Dogs, Emily & Kathy 

2016   "Heart's DelightsArt Exhibition for Charity by Serendipity 


2014 & 15   Journey Delighted 

                 可遊之樂 作品展

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